Melissa Darnay - President of Choose Panama & Real Estate Broker

My life is a classic BEFORE and AFTER story. I'm a California girl who spent 15 years in Dallas. I lost my husband in a car accident just outside our home in Dallas several years ago. When my good friends moved to Panama, I started wondering... could I move to Panama? Was I ready to start a whole new life in a Latin American country as a single woman? I didn't speak more than 10 words of Spanish, so could I really live and thrive in Panama?

As it turns out, the answer was yes. I looked at my move to Panama as the beginning of my AFTER story. If you read my blog, you'll learn about Panama through my eyes--restaurants, holidays, fun events, crazy things that happen, doing business in Panama, and other interesting things about a Gringo living in Panama.

My AFTER story is a testament to new beginnings and the magic of Panama. Although I came to Panama as a single woman, I met Kleriston Muricy within a few days of living in Panama City. We live in one of the most beautiful spots on earth. We start most days with a walk on the beach, and end each day with a glass of wine on the balcony watching the sunset over the ocean. This is definitely the happily-ever-after phase of my life.

Kleriston Muricy - Director of Renovations and Repairs

I'm a Brazil native, and my journey to Panama was easy... I met Melissa Darnay and my life changed forever. I moved to Panama for love, but since then, I've also fallen in love with Panama. I am fascinated with the Panama Canal and go as often as possible. But even better, our condo overlooks the ships as they enter the Panama Canal, and I spend many happy hours each week looking through my binoculars watching the ships as they enter the Pacific Ocean side of the Canal.

Melissa lovingly calls me her "Brazilian Street Dog" because I don't just renovate and repair but I solve problems. It's my job to help our clients have a soft landing in Panama, and I use my street smarts to solve problems, no matter what they are.

In my free time, you will see me working out in one of the gyms, running on the beach, walking our two fluffy white dogs, taking new friends to see the Panama Canal, or enjoying a Sunday champagne brunch at one of the many great restaurants in Panama.

Stacey Jenks - Director of Rentals & Investment Tours

I visited Panama regularly before we decided to buy an investment property. The ink was barely dry on that property before my husband and I took the plunge and moved to Panama full-time with our two youngest children. We love the year-round great weather and are loving living in our luxury beachfront condo.

John Jenks - Director of Rentals

I have been looking to move away from the corporate tech world. Numerous factors came together and like the aligning of the planets, Stacey and I jumped at the opportunity to start a new part of our lives in Panama.

Being your Rental Guru is my new passion, finding you a great property for a long weekend or remote work for a few months.